New Inca Path to Machu Picchu discovered

Photo: Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco/El Comercio
Photo: Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco/El Comercio

The Incas themselves may have provided Peruvian tourism officials with a partial solution to help alleviate Machu Picchu’s overcrowding problem. Archaeologists have found a new Inca path that leads right to the fabled citadel of Machu Picchu. Under the dense vegetation lies an Inca ‘road’ from Wayraqtambo, at least one and a half kilometres long ends at a viewing platform over the ruins. This offers and impressive view of the dwelling areas of the citadel and could offer visitors a new aspect of the well known ruins. Local news sources say that part of the route is through a man-made tunnel this is still in a good state despite being over 500 years old. The Inca engineers crafted in stone and were built to survive earthquakes. If you are interested in Peru’s civilizations we suggest our Luxury Peru trip.

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