10 bizarre travel accessories to take on your next trip

Virtual Laser Projected Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard
Can’t leave your tablet or phone behind? Now you can take this tiny gadget that projects a 78-key laser keyboard or mouse track pad onto any flat surface allowing for easy typing. It’s easy to use and volume and brightness can be easily adjusted. Connects via Bluetooth or USB.

Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is possibly the quirkiest travel device we’ve ever seen. A cross between a pillow and balaclava, this pillow completely envelops your head and hands offering complete privacy from the outside world. Perfect for airports and flights. The makers state “Catching some comfortable rest on the go has never been easier.” We completely agree.

SteriPEN Adventurer UV Water Purifier

Steripen Water purifier

This essential piece of travel hear for hikers features patent-pending technology for purifying water through UV light. It’s small enough to be portable and the long-lasting UV lamp will purify up to 8,000 litres of water. Neat design.

Re-timer Goggles


Reduce jetlag with the re-timer goggles that shine a green light into the eyes to help trigger hormones that balance the human body clock. Scientifically proven and built by scientist from an Australian University, the googles aren’t cheap but highly effective. Wear for just thirty minutes day to help sleep better and get the most from your holiday time.

The Original Shewee


This simple but ingenious device allows women to urinate whilst standing or sitting without the need to take off their clothes. An absolute essential for adventure travel to remote locations or those who don’t like sitting on public toilets.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Wash Bag

The world’s smallest and most portable washing machine. The Scrubba Wash Bag gives you the opportunity to achieve machine quality washing in minutes. Ideal for travellers visiting remote locations, the Scrubba weighs just 145g and folds up to pocket size.

Air-conditioned Jacket

Air conditioned jacket

This clever jacket is perfect from humid but wet climates works from cooling fans on the lower back that drive cool air into the inner section. Although we agree that it’s not the most stylish of outer wear, that won’t matter in the sticky conditions of the Amazon rainforest. You can change the settings depending on the temperature.

Plane Seat Cover

Plane Sheets

Airline seats are used by thousands each year becoming less sanitary. PlaneSheets offers a practical and innovative way to stay hygienic whilst staying stylish. They come in both economy and business class sizes in a variety of designs. They cheap price means you can dispose of them after the flight but if you wish you can wash and reuse.

The Tugo Cup Holder


This clever little device suspends you hot drink between the top handles of your wheely bag. It turns to keep your drink at the right level even as you move. It is easy to attach and remove and collapses to fit into your pocket.

Stash Flip Flops


SlotFlop sandals have a storage component in the sole large enough to carry a variety of essentials including credit cards, keys, bottle openers, licenses and more. They are comfortable, secure, stylish and perfect for time at the beach.

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