David meets Michael Palin

Presenter, traveller, author and ex-Monty Python star, Michael Palin, was recently presented with LATA’s ( Latin America Travel Association ) 2013 Media Award for his recent TV series on Brazil, and for his wider work in promoting an understanding of Latin America in the UK and elsewhere.

The series of four BBC programmes focused on some the less discovered regions of this vast country including Lençois Maranhensis in the far north, Sao Luis, where European and African religious rituals come together in typically Brazilian celebrations, in Salvador, Michael has his fortune read by a priest who practises the local religion of Candomblé, to the vast wild wetlands of the Pantanal and finally to the southern extreme which feels like part of Bavaria.

David shared only a brief moment with Michael at the House of Lords event so we don’t know if he is planning any more ‘Select’ journeys to the region.

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