Ceviche, the hangover cure

Classic ceviche is cubes of red snapper ‘cooked’ by immersing in lime juice. Like carpaccio, ceviche is a raw fish recipe that modern chefs just love to play with.

The fish is transformed by the acid of citrus juice and usually served with a cold beer on a hot day. The dish originates in Peru, and is thought to be a development from Spanish escabeche, which is a vinegar-marinated dish.

This recipe is for the classic Peruvian ceviche. Use any tough-fibred fish (albacore, sole, snapper, halibut) cut into slices then chunks and place in a glass or ceramic bowl. Slice up chilli peppers, with seeds if you like it hot, and add together with sliced red onions. Pour over the juice of several limes, enough to cover all ingredients and season.The fish is done once the colour turns white. Some cooks say 10 minutes is enough, others suggest up to 3 hours. Excess juice may be drained before serving.

Traditionally the chilli should be aji limo but you can substitute habaneros, rocoto or others you prefer. Garnishing variations include tomatoes, parsley, avocado or coriander. The chillies add a spicy kick to the dish, but can be balanced out by serving with a mixture of sweet potatoes, sweet corn, and lettuce. You can make it mixto which is with fish and sea food, from octopus, shrimp, mussels, whelks, oysters, scallops, etc. In Ecuador it is less spicy and served with salty popcorn or toasted corn.

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