A way of life rather than a destination.

An adventure holiday on one of the historic working estancias dotted throughout Uruguay provides a glimpse into the life and country of the rural people. Become a gaucho for a few days and experience the lifestyle of men who roam the countryside and rarely leave their horses. All this roaming means they don’t have a lot of time for doctors so they swear by the medicinal properties of the local brew, mate. Everyone in Uruguay seems to carry round their own mate kit so give it a try and see if you experience any of the numerous health benefits.

Whilst out on the open range you can learn about the gaucho techniques of herding and roping cattle, go horse riding or walking through the rolling hills and pastures. A visit to the Quebrada de los Cuevos National Park where you can trek with guides down through the gorge watching the varied wildlife is a must.

The charming farms are run by families who offer guests comfortable rooms and wonderful homemade food. Enjoy scrumptious asados (barbeques) washed down with delicious red tannat wine while listening to the folklore stories of Uruguay’s rural life and traditional music.

Best discovered on your own self-drive

When to go: All year round

"Excursions were extremely good with very knowledgeable guides"

K & J Cooper

"All of the guides were brilliant, everyone went out of their way to be helpful"

J & A Prime

"Great snorkelling - like being in a very large aquarium!"

"There was a lovely relaxed feel, can see why people move there"

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