Punte del Este without the crowds


Punta del Este is popular among Uruguayan young, rich and wealthy from December to the end of January, but we suggest a visit here off season when the weather is cooler and crowds have left: you’ll find plenty to discover; gorgeous beaches, mouthwatering cuisine and activities for all the family.

We suggest renting a car to get around and off-the-beaten-track, though the city is worth lingering in for a couple of days at least. Between December and March is summer with hot sunny days. It begins to cool down between April and June although you will still enjoy plenty of sunshine. July and August are much cooler and if you want to stroll across the beach you will need a sweater, but it’s still a beautiful time to visit. The heat begins to creep back between September and November.

So what is there to do when you visit? Enjoy drives along the coastline, take morning or sunset walks along the beaches, head out on a boat whale watching, view some of the many art galleries or the collection at the Estancia VIK, visit the Colina de Garzon that produces Latin America’s finest olive oil and have lunch at the Pueblo Garzon. For something a little more active, try hiring bikes and riding through charming countryside and small villages, horse riding along the beaches, canoeing across the eastern lagoons or kite surfing. Whatever time of year you decide to visit we suggest enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine at the truly magnificent Casapueblo.

To start planning your escape to Punta del Este taking a look at some of our sample journeys.

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