Colonia Uruguay
Colonia Uruguay

Uruguay is one of South America’s best hidden treasures. This small country offers fine beaches, a collection of Latin Americas most attractive colonial towns and a wild interior. One of the best ways to experience the real Uruguay is to stay at a traditional Uruguayan ranch, or estancia, where you can ride like a gaucho and enjoy great local cuisine. Colonia del Sacramento is right off a picture postcard with its cobble-stoned streets, ancient fortress wall and historic colonial buildings. Antique cars still run the streets. This UNESCO World Heritage site offers beautiful weather and a sense of being frozen in time. The old town of Montevideo has some great nightlife and restaurants, and its Mercado del Puerto food market is a feast for all the senses. Enjoy the enthralling Afro-Uruguayan Carnival held every February and hike bare-foot over the sand dunes at Cabo Polonio to the Atlantic Ocean. Diverse Try our Stylish Seaside Retreats journey to experience this colourful country and discover the Old World Charm of Uruguay.

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