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  • Brazil places to see - Salvador (5)
  • Brazil places to see - Salvador (4)
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    Salvador places to see

    Brazil places to see - Salvador


Afro-Brazilian culture, sleepy fishing villages and wild rugged national parks

Salvador is where Brazil meets Africa and the Caribbean. Amble through the lively streets in the old quarter of Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been lovingly restored back to its former glory.  The cobbled roads are lined with pastel-coloured 17th century houses and dotted with Portuguese baroque churches.

African influences are more prominent here than any place in Brazil and can be seen in food, music, dance and celebrations. On holiday our guides can show you the real Bahian culture and where to enjoy tasty cuisine. How about trying some Capoeira (martial art dance) lessons on the beach?

Drive out of the city and head down the coast where you’ll find sleepy fishing villages, some of which have now beeen turned into sophisticated resorts, like Sauípe, and Praia do Forte. Others still retain secluded palm fringed beaches perfect for relaxing in style:  Morro de Sâo Paulo, Itacaré, Ilhéus or further south delightful Trancoso.

If you're not a sun-worshipper and want something more active, we can fly you to the dusty mining town of Lencois, used as the base for exploring the wild and unspoilt Chipada Diamantina where you can hike across rugged scenery and swim in the crystal clear waterfalls.

If you’re thinking of heading to Brazil for the Carnival, try Salvador instead of Rio de Janeiro for a vibrant and atmospheric street party.

A place steeped in culture and history

When to go: All year round


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