Uyuni Salt Flats

The Uyuni Salt Flats are the largest and highest in the world covering an area of 12,000 sq km

The first stop on the way to the Salt flats is the small, windswept town of the same name. Here our guides can take you out to the Cementerio de Trenes (train cemetery) to see the rusting and decay of the old steam trains set in the vast, barren landscape.

Jump into 4×4’s with our local guides to drive across this alien landscape of white salt crust that seem to go on forever. When arriving you may notice the workers piling up salt ready to be loaded onto vans: as you cross deeper you will see impressive black islands poking out of the salt, the biggest of which is the cactus-studded Isla del Pescado.

It can get pretty chilly this high up (4850m above sea level) so you can warm your cockles and go for a dip in the Termas de Polques hot springs after jumping through a vent of hot steam at the Solar de Manaña geyser basin, a collection of bubbling sulfur pools and a geyser, normally visited when they are at their most active just as the sun is rising.

The` Salar` is a stunning white crystalline salt desert. Our local guides can take you to some fantastic sites and nearby landscapes, such as Siloli Desert and the different coloured lakes and lagoons like the green Laguna Verde and red Laguna Colorada where you will be rewarded with sights of 3 sorts of flamingos and other wildlife.

We would highly recommend a stay at one of the impressive salt hotels where everything from the walls and tables to the beds are made from blocks of salt.

One of the World’s greatest natural wonders

When to go: April to October

"What a wonderful holiday - I'll never forget it!"

H. Edwards

"A highlight was Salar de Uyuni, neither of us realised how spectacular it is"

W & S Andrews

"All I can say is 'wow'. What a fantastic holiday"

B. Henry

"Driving over the salt flats was a magical experience. Thank you"

A. Charny

"Lake titicaca is a must, well recommended"

K. Kelly

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