Sucre, Potosí & The Southern Highlands

Some of the finest examples of colonial architecture in Bolivia.

Sucre, officially the capital of Bolivia has a spring like climate and is littered with excellent colonial buildings which are white-washed each year giving the city the name ‘the white city’. It’s a vibrant city due to the large student population that fill the plazas and cafes.

After exploring the capitals many museums, shops and attractions our guides can take you out of the city to the impressive Andean scenery for bike trips or moderate walking. Hike through the pretty Andean villages, particular lively during market days and festival, or to pre-Colombian sites such as Pumamachey.

Further east is colonial Potosí where Spain acquired much imperial wealth from silver mined in Cerro Rico (rich hill). Here our guides can take you down into one of the mines to talk to the miners, see how they work and how they extract silver and tin in a timeless fashion.

Try chewing on some of the coca to help with the altitude

When to go: All year round

"What a wonderful holiday - I'll never forget it!"

H. Edwards

"A highlight was Salar de Uyuni, neither of us realised how spectacular it is"

W & S Andrews

"All I can say is 'wow'. What a fantastic holiday"

B. Henry

"Driving over the salt flats was a magical experience. Thank you"

A. Charny

"Lake titicaca is a must, well recommended"

K. Kelly

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