Cristal Samana Hotel

A first in anyone’s book is a Feng-Shui Salt Hotel where you will find unique architecture; a hotel designed in a coca-leaf shape to work with energies of the area.

The decoration of the 33 outstanding rooms narrate local Aymara mythology with astrological motifs carved into the salt walls. The hotel works in harmony with the environment and uses the environment to supply much of its energy, the sun provides heating and hot water for the building.


"What a wonderful holiday - I'll never forget it!"

H. Edwards

"A highlight was Salar de Uyuni, neither of us realised how spectacular it is"

W & S Andrews

"All I can say is 'wow'. What a fantastic holiday"

B. Henry

"Driving over the salt flats was a magical experience. Thank you"

A. Charny

"Lake titicaca is a must, well recommended"

K. Kelly

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