Sâo Paulo

Rio is a beauty. But Sâo Paulo – Sâo Paulo is a city’ said Marlene Dietrich

Sâo Paulo is by no means the prettiest of cities, with huge swaths of concrete but get a little closer and you’ll find fine shops, restaurants nightlife and designer hotels which better Rio in many ways.

Here are a few facts about the city and state. It’s the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth largest in the world with almost 20 million inhabitants (not far off the population of Australia). It’s also the financial powerhouse of Brazil.

Sâo Paulo offers Brazil’s most varied entertainment. Along with some of the best bars and clubs in South America it’s possible to see world-class opera and ballet, classical music, and live concerts with leading Brazilian acts.

Eating is a big part of a visit to Sâo Paulo with many restaurants offering excellent cuisine from all over the world as well as traditional and contemporary Brazilian food. Seafood dishes are particularly good here being so close to the coast.

A truly cosmopolitan city

When to go: All year round

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