Aqua Wellness Resort

The resort is situated in a lush tropical dry-forest overlooking the dramatic Pacific Coast of Redonda Bay. The cabins are ingeniously built on the slopes of a mountain, and include all amenities that you would expect to stay in comfort. The secluded and peaceful natural setting is ideal for a relaxing stay, yoga, meditation and spa treatments that nourish the soul. Situated on its own private and pristine white sand beach, this eco-lodge blends in with the trees and natural landscape of the bay. The setting of the restaurant is simply amazing, there where the forest meets the beach, allowing guests to enjoy their meals overlooking spectacular natural scenery.


"Excursions were extremely good with very knowledgeable guides"

K & J Cooper

"All of the guides were brilliant, everyone went out of their way to be helpful"

J & A Prime

"Great snorkelling - like being in a very large aquarium!"

"There was a lovely relaxed feel, can see why people move there"

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