Costa Esmeralda / Tola

The Tola region, is an idyllic getaway with isolated beaches and dramatic coastlines.

Known as the ´Nicaraguan Riviera´ or ´Costa Esmeralda´ it lies off of a long, partially paved road west of Rivas. The beaches of Tola have kept tranquil in comparison to other beach towns such as San Juan del Sur.

The string of lonely beaches make up almost 18 kilometres of Pacific shoreline between Tola and El Astillero. These diverse beaches are separate from each other by rolling tree-covered hills. Some have sparkling white sand with steep rocky outcrops while others are hidden in secluded bays. Places to visit in the area include the small fishing village of Gigante, and Playa Guasacate. Other activities include horse-riding, hiking, fishing, surfing, or hanging out on the beach.

The Tola area is a perfect destination for those wishing to unwind and relax on a pristine beach with few interruptions. There are very few areas left in the world with such natural beauty and little development.

"Excursions were extremely good with very knowledgeable guides"

K & J Cooper

"All of the guides were brilliant, everyone went out of their way to be helpful"

J & A Prime

"Great snorkelling - like being in a very large aquarium!"

"There was a lovely relaxed feel, can see why people move there"

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