The Corn Islands

The Corn Islands are one of Nicaragua’s many secrets. Big Corn and Little Corn islands are about 80 kilometres away from the Atlantic coast.

Big Corn is about 10 square kilometres, (three times bigger than Little Corn). The island has many hotels and restaurants and beautiful beaches. Here you can relax. If you want to do some activities there is plenty of fishing, snorkelling and diving on offer. As well as chilling, there is also some nightlife happening. For the sporty, local baseball matches on Sundays are worth a visit.

Little Corn Islands is even more quiet and unspoiled. White sand beaches with coconut trees and coral reefs are inviting you to stay a few days. The island is one hour by boat from Big Corn, but unlike the bigger island, there are no cars or motorbikes here. The island is less than three square kilometres, but has comfortable hotels and cosy restaurants. Swimming, diving and snorkeling are some of the activities you can do here.

"Excursions were extremely good with very knowledgeable guides"

K & J Cooper

"All of the guides were brilliant, everyone went out of their way to be helpful"

J & A Prime

"Great snorkelling - like being in a very large aquarium!"

"There was a lovely relaxed feel, can see why people move there"

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